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Obsessing about the Meineke Car Care bowl has never been more fun!


CzabeVegas 2015 – The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Okay last minute shoppers! Your gift-giving “out pitch” has just arrived!

We are locked and loaded for CzabeVegas 6 this coming March. Once again we are going to encamp at the fabulous Hard Rock Resort in Las Vegas to… as the song goes… “Come on and watch some basketball….”

I love how this event has grown over the years. And as you can see from the small sample of fan photos and nutty moments at I truly enjoy meeting everyone during this special time of year. We now draw people from all corners of the country. Some drive to Vegas. Some come alone. Some come with buddies from college. Some bring their wives. Some wives watch more basketball than me! While their husbands run off and hit the poker tables. Or maybe the other way around, while your wife does the spa while you try to bring home a killer 3-team parlay.

It is truly a come as you like, stay as long as you choose, fashion your own little Vegas getaway.

Personally, I make this trip a half-basketball, half-golf, half-listener-outreach long weekend. (I know, that’s three “halves”. I meant it that way!)

So with that said, let me answer some questions I am sure you might have.

Q: Why don’t you do this during the first weekend of the Tournament, when there are many more games?
A: I used to come to Vegas that weekend. It’s nuts. Fun, but very impacted. Tough to get flights. Lots of drunken sausage in the sports books. I don’t need to bet basketball all day long. Four good games two nights in a row is enough for me.

Q: Why stay at the Hard Rock? I think (other hotel) is much better!
A: We have gone where we are welcomed, and have a good relationship. The Hard Rock has been good to us, and I think you’ll like staying there. Away from the strip, it doesn’t draw nearly as much “walk in riff-raff” as other places.

Q: Do I have to stay at the Hard Rock, to come to the “viewing party.”
A: No, but I will give priority to those who do book through our special rate. The more people who book rooms through our rate, improves our ability to get better rates for next year, and also gives us more perks for viewing venues with the resort.

Q: What day is the “Viewing Party” this year, and when can I buy my tickets?
A: At this time, I am still working that out. In the last few years, we’ve watched the games in a designated spot on Thursday and Friday afternoon. However, I am re-thinking that “concept” and may just organize a separate “party” at the resort, possibly AFTER the games are over – which is fairly early in the night, at 10 p.m. If you book your room now through the Hard Rock, then rest assured you won’t be shut out of the party.

Q: Can I bring my (wife, dog, buddy, AA sponsor, child, dad, etc.) with me to the party, or weekend?
A: Bring ‘em all. We are a laid back group, and fun for “all ages”. (Well, under 12 might have be tough!)

Q: Is the outdoor pool open at the Hard Rock during that weekend?
A: It’s close. Some years yes, some no. It all depends on the weather. The last two years it’s been open, and sweet. Sunny and 70’s!

Q: Are your show co-hosts going to be there to meet and greet, like in years past?
A: Um, “yes.” I think. Scott Linn from Yahoo Sports Radio has been a staple the last few years, but he needs to navigate his family schedule and kids birthdays that weekend, so he’s not locked for this year …. yet. Timmy Murray was a welcome addition last year, but is not yet committed. Bob and Brian from 102.9 the Hog have committed.

Q: What about America’s “Great Indoorsman”, your producer, the angry recluse Steve “Solly” Solomon?
A: Good luck. Solly has resisted coming to this event like it was an Ebola clinic. I will once again offer to pay his expenses, but that has failed in the past. Short of a kickstarter campaign to actually PAY him to make an appearance, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Q: What about other semi-famous show callers/characters? Like “Mr. X”, Deb the Seahawks Fan, Eric “Gentlemen, Gentlemen” or others?
A: You never know. We’ve had all of them before, and they set their own schedules. What’s nice, is that you meet some interesting people, who all share the common thread of being Czabe listeners.

Q: Will you be broadcasting any of your shows live, while you are there?
A: Hell, no! I’m on “vacation!”

Q: I know you play golf out there. Is there any chance I could join your group?
A: Sadly, at this point, no. But I can help point you in the direction of some good places to play, if you want to book your own rounds with yourself or buddies.

Q: Did you really lose $1,000 on Nik Stauskas’ missed FT at the end of the Michigan v. Tennessee game last year?
A: Yes, yes I did. Serves me right. F’ing choking Canadian. Michigan was laying -2.5 and running away with the game. Then, a calamity of errors, turnovers, bad calls, and nonsense turned the game into a butthole puckering nightmare. Then, with 2 seconds left, “Mr. 90% From the Line” gets fouled, with Michigan up by one. He makes the first, misses the second. I felt the blood rush out of my toes. Not fun. Biggest single wager ever for me. And the last of that size as well. UNLESS…. I see something REALLY JUICY this year! Then… $2000! Double-up to catch-up!!!

Q: Should I rush to book my room now? Or are there plenty available?
A: I wouldn’t dawdle, let’s put it that way. I don’t think we’ll sell-out in a week, but you never know. I believe we can get another allotment of rooms if we are booking up, but can’t guarantee it.

Q: What if I don’t see the room configuration I like, days I want to stay or have questions for the hotel?
A: By all means, call them! Make sure to mention the CzabeVegas promotional rate, and then can help get you set up. The rates I have posted are for the basic room, not including resort fees and taxes. You can also upgrade to larger suites, if needed.

Okay, if those answers still don’t square you away, then by all means hit me up on email. I’ll be happy to answer them personally. See you in Vegas in March!

Come on and watch some bas-ket-ballllllllll!!!!


How Have I Missed This Awesome Aaron Rodgers Campaign?

My goodness. It’s apparently not enough that your quarterback, Packer fans, is a missile-launching alpha-stud, who is absolutely MELTING all recognized metrics for QB play in the NFL.

No, not enough.

He also has the best sense of how, and where, and why to apply himself to the community and important causes. While some other team’s QB is busy tweeting nonsense about #knowyourwhy and quoting random bible verses (nothing against the good word, btw!) while rolling out a new “personal” logo… ahem… your quarterback is doing this.

So, so, soooo well done.

I had not known about it until now, but let me just say a hearty WELL DONE to both Rodgers, his team of advisers, agents, and the Gruber law firm for backing it. Kudos too, to the film crew, for achieving that oh-so-lovely shallow-depth-of-field-24p-film-look.

This girl is a little champ. God bless her.

While I am proudly a part of Bob and Brian’s golf outing which benefits the MAAC Fund, I hope this post helps spread the word about the G9 (Gold in September) initiative. And while I am sure I may get the “duh, Czabe! Where have you been?” treatment from many of you, let’s just remember that if I can help spread the word a little farther, in a few more places, that’s a good thing, right?

Aaron Freaking Rodgers. It’s simply unfair he’s your QB. Soak up every minute he plays for you guys, and act like it could all end tomorrow.

“Everybody’s Gettin’ Sump’n….”

A War That Nobody Is Winning

I’ve seen plenty of QB controversies over the years as a Redskins fan.

And I was front row for the Shanahan vs. Griffin showdown, turned shutdown, last season.

But what is happening now between Jay Gruden and RG3 is nothing short of war.

At least last year Shanny, was enthusiastically rooting for Griffin to have a great “off-season program” while openly admitting that Kirk Cousins was being shined up for auction.

Oh, how that now seems “warm and fuzzy.”

Gruden’s passive aggressive hatred of Griffin keeps reaching new depths with every open microphone.

Mid-week, Gruden responded to a question about playing Griffin at all between now and the end of the year to see where he might be in terms of his play, with the icy cold “He’s right here. I know where he’s at. He’s right here. We’ve seen alot of him….”

After Griffin played with some spark and toughness after Colt McCoy left the Giants game with a re-aggravted neck injury, Gruden was asked about his chances to start again in the final two weeks.

Said Gruden: “He’s in the mix. He’s on the roster.”


You almost think he had to catch himself not to add….. “He’s on the roster… UNFORTUNATELY”…. with a dismissive, smart-ass sigh.

While Gruden may be entirely correct in EVERY ASPECT of the Griffin drama – that he’s fundamentally crap, emotionally soft, and just waiting to be broken again – it doesn’t make his comments any less breathtaking to hear.

A properly run organization would get all the principals on the same page – Gruden, Bruce Allen, and owner Dan Snyder – and have a plan to effectively manage the entire short-term and long-term game plan on such an important player.

If the plan is to get out of the RG3 business in the off-season, as soon as possible – even if it’s for pennies on the dollar – then the front office can backstop the coach in private with assurances that he won’t be judged on losses due to crappy QB play. Then in turn the coach can say NICE things about Griffin whenever possible.

To force start McCoy this week with a gimpy neck, was another ultimate sign of this coach vs. QB war. McCoy is hardly the second coming of Brett Favre when it comes to toughness. And given this o-line has been picking up QB’s off the turf an average of 6 times a game since Halloween, only an idiot didn’t see McCoy getting knocked out of the game at some point.

An idiot, or a coach who hates his “franchise” QB.

And more importantly, hates the bosses he works for who force him to keep that same QB as his top active backup.

Stick it to me? Oh yeah, I’ll stick it to you!

If I could see through the thick fog of losing, and paint a picture of how Gruden, Allen, and Snyder will come together for a plan they all agree on this winter, I would. But I can’t.



Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”

- Vince Lombardi

the GIF

Awkward high fives between Jerrah! and the semi-porculent NJ Guv’nah!