The Bachmann Boys Cut Down The ‘Horns

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The 5th Annual Bloody Horns proved that “home-course advantage” in golf is no myth, as 20 year old Christopher Bachmann and his 17 year old brother Mathew Bachmann took home “the ‘horns” with a new tournament record 5-under par captain’s choice score.

The two birdied the 10th hole in a sudden death playoff against runners up Eric Gitter and Craig Czerniejewski in the gloaming light to win.

DSC03894 (1)

The talented young punks – and I mean that, with all due respect! – are the sons of Dave Bachmann Jr, who owns and operates the Bull at Pinehurst Farms. So yeah, they might have had some good local knowledge helping guide them around!

For Mathew, the Bloody Horns was probably a cakewalk after finishing 2nd in the Wisconsin State Amateur last week at future US Open site Erin Hills GC. Word is, they stretched the lads out to 7600+ yards out there, so this home-course stroll through 7,435 yards of tucked pins was nothing!


Since Mathew will be at Marquette next year on a golf scholarship, and Christopher is at UW Green Bay, looks like dad is unlikely to let them come out to CzabeVegas to claim the 1st prize of 2 nights lodging and 2 rounds of golf. So Gitter and Czerniejewski will lay claim to the hook-up as runners up.

DSC03730 DSC03732

Congrats as well to one Mike O’Neil, who ACED the impossible par-3 12th hole, playing an absurd 232 yards from the tips. Mike pushed a hybrid right, and watched it clatter off a tree, ricochet off the curb of the cart path, and then trickle-feed off a bunker face into the hole.

It was Mike’s 9th hole in one, or so he says. Hey Mikey! Time to buy some “Hole in One Insurance” buddy! This sport can get expensive!


Thanks to everybody who came out and took the full force of Jack Nicklaus’ design on a lovely Wisconsin Saturday afternoon. Let’s do it again next year, shall we?


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So Bob Costas Is the Bad Guy?

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Tonight, ESPN gets their espresso shot of publicity at the ESPY’s.

Good for them. All’s fair in love, war, and TV ratings.

It took about a month for ESPN to craft an official defense of their Arthur Ashe Courage Award winner selection. In June, it was “the award speaks for itself.”

Now, well… I guess it’s “Bob Costas is the bad guy…” or something.

ESPY’s creator and current head honcho Maura Mandt spoke to SI’s Richard Deitch about the “inside baseball” of the whole thing and what she said was sure interesting. (I have helpfully BOLDED the phrases that ring out as the core of her complaints.)

Mandt said that ESPN expected criticism and backlash with the selection, though she was surprised by how aggressive the online vitriol was her way. But the criticism that personally affected her most, she said, was from Costas, someone she has long admired.

“I have watched Bob Costas my whole life, have great respect for Bob Costas,” Mandt said. “He has brought to us as fans and viewers some of the most memorable moments. He is a gifted broadcaster and writer, and perhaps of all of the things that have been said negatively, that disappointed me so greatly. Not because of his opinion. This whole story is all about that we get to choose who we are, what we say. That was what Arthur Ashe was about. So for Bob Costas who is greatly respected to make that statement with authority about this being a crass publicity play, people take that with authority, and that is dangerous.

“This is a subject matter where there are kids in the middle of the country killing themselves [over gender identity questions] and the whole courage of Caitlyn coming out is we all know now someone who is transgender. I would have expected Bob to not go to that place.. That interview (Costas) to me came off as exploitation because it got repeated and it got headlines. The [Jenner] piece is going to speak for itself. We are not going to change people who are set in their ways but I fear that Bob saying that may have taken some of those people who would have been a little bit open to the story and pushed them in a direction that it didn’t need to be pushed. I have great respect for him but it was disappointing.”

So basically, those with any opinion that ventures off the narrow plank of – “that’s great!” – are possibly “dangerous.” There’s a warning to others to “not go to that place” and most hilariously, she blamed Costas for being exploitative.

Oh, that’s rich.

But that’s where we are today on some topics in American culture. Agree, or you’re the bad guy. Got it.

“Make Them Pay… Make Them Pay!….”

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I doubt this video will hit too many sympathetic ears and eyes up there in Wisconsin, where sports is such passion the thought of shoo-ing a team out of town over a new stadium deal gone wrong is almost unthinkable.

The new owners of the Bucks are billionaires. They should foot most of the bill for this new arena. What with Uncle Herb already kicking in some half-billion or so to ensure his legacy as “the rich dude who didn’t completely f*** the city when he sold the team.”

Anyhow, I suggest if nothing else, try to keep Mayor Tom Barrett from speaking up in defense of whatever deal the city is trying to pass.

He’s not exactly helping close the deal with statements like this.


I also am not sure I’d use an atomic-bomb-style “fallout” illustration as a selling point FOR the new place. Seems kind of creepy, and a bit of a threat. Don’t build this stadium, and we’re gonna DROP A NUKE OF ECONOMIC STARVATION AND KILL THE STATE! WHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAAA!

You can see the “ripple effect” segment of the piece here.


In Case You Were Wondering How You Could Blow Off Your Fingers…

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… with fireworks you can purchase without a license these days…. well… here’s a video or two to enlighten you.

My bet is that these NFL dummies were not only HOLDING the mortar tubes while being drunken morons/showoffs (never, ever, EVER hold them!) but that they also put the shells in UPSIDE DOWN, causing them to explode right on their sausages.

These are not the “M-80’s” from your youth. This is some seriously dangerous awesome ordinance that needs the utmost respect.

On a lighter note, sometimes miracles do occur when it comes to severed digits. Just ask Kramer.

Tommie Woodward Is An American Legend

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“F*** that alligator.”

Words that should, no… MUST, be on his tombstone.

I just want to know what photo they plan to use at his memorial service. I say it’s the one with the two thumbs sayin’ “This Guy!”

It seemed to have been, his favorite.

TOMMIE15 woodward2 woodward6 woodward6 woodward11 woodward12



“Success has a thousand fathers, but failure is an orphan.”

– Various (and modified)

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