Remember when the NFL said that Sunday’s game at Ralph Wilson was still scheduled to take place at 1 p.m.? Remember when the Bills were sending out the Bat Signal for volunteers to get paid $10 an hour to shovel the seats (plus free game tickets!)?

Yeah. That was on Tuesday. Nice try, NFL. Nice try, Bills.


At least the field goal nets are up and ready to go!

Not only has this week’s game been pushed over to Detroit on a Monday night, but the NEXT home game for the Bills is in serious jeapardy. In fact, I’ll get on board early in saying there’s NO WAY they are ready for the November 30th game at home, either!

Officials say it takes 3 days to clear about 1 foot of snow from the stadium. They got at least 5 feet. You do the math.


Ice Planet Hoth: Also ruled out for next Sunday’s Bills game.

Add to that the complicating factor of the entire city needing as much heavy equipment on hand elsewhere to clear other vital infrastructure. The complicating factor of where would Bills fans PARK even if the stadium was clear? The complicating factor of expected rain that layers all that mess in a sheet of ice….


Sure, a well coordinated stadium clean out is a thing of beauty to watch in time lapse (see Minnesota do it below). But this storm was the storm to end ‘em all.

Might as well grab a Snickers and stay in Detroit, Bills. You’re gonna be there a while.


Asshole: def. Individual who shows zero concern for other motorists.

This Was A Horror Show

I know my post on Sunday, was a reasoned defense of carrying out the RG3 Era to at least the end of his 4th year, and picking up his 5th year option for a heavy $12M++.

That was, however, BEFORE Griffin’s tone deaf ramble about “the Peyton’s and the Aaron Rodgers'” and how they need people to play great around them. That was BEFORE Jay Gruden felt the need to publicly shame Griffin with some of the most damning comments I’ve ever heard a head coach utter in a press conference about his own QB.

And that was certainly BEFORE I listened to my radio co-host Mr. Chris Cooley walk us through the game tape on Griffin’s “Tour de Farce” performance against a shitty-ass defense that got flamethrowered by Joe Flacco for FOUR TDs in the 1st quarter.

As I often say about my opinions in sports, and in writing, and on the radio: “I’m wrong as much as they next guy. But I refuse to stay stuck on stupid out of spite.”

I now have some foundation rattling concerns about Griffin as both a passer (forget “pocket” passer, just a passer PERIOD) and also as a professional going forward. To which, some of you, I am sure, will say: “Welcome home. What took so long?”

It hardly means I am giving up on him, and I think he needs to play, play, play through the end of this year. But that said, if he’s not going to make a commitment to improving his mechanics this winter, we’ve got a major problem. If he keeps tweeting and instagramming nonsense and childish back and forth’s with whomever – we’ve got a major problem.

And if he can’t read basic play concepts out on the field, then this whole thing is coming down like the fucking Hindenburg.

If you want to read the transcript of Cooley’s breakdown, then I warn you to grab a stiff drink and close your office door to muffle the cussing. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post did a great job of a. Transcribing b. Summarizing and c. Presenting the essence of what the film showed from Sunday.

Kudos as well to the Post’s graphics editors, who pulled screen caps of the game, and circled the intended receivers for emphasis.

Finally, a word about the new world of media we are living in as football fans. This kind of high level shit was UNTHINKABLE just 10 years ago. For one, the vaunted “All-22″ footage was kept under tight wraps by the NFL. Now, if you have an iPad and $99 you can buy every team’s for the entire season!

Secondly, smart ex-players who put in the time to do it, can really help explain game tape to average fans and writers. Cooley may sound like a grown-up man-child on the radio (he is, and that’s why I love him) but he has a mind that can really un-ravel complicated things. In fact, he once told me: “Czabe, I’m like a raccoon. Ever see a raccoon decide he’s going to get into a trash can somehow? That’s like me. I will sit there and not quit until I figure out how it works.”

I laughed. He’s right. And a great analogy.

It also helps that Cooley now does color commentary for the team on radio, and is still close enough to people “inside the building” who can help with access to certain things. I always kid him that he better be careful with these brutally honest film breakdowns, lest he be kicked out of the Burgundy and Gold kingdom for good! That hasn’t happened… yet. And I hope it never does.

Because not only does he go out of his way to make sure there’s no confusing his analysis for personal attacks on specific players, but the old football adage has never been more true: “The eye in the sky, don’t lie.”

This was one week for Griffin. A terrible one. How he responds to all of it (on field struggles, and off-field “drama”) is entirely his choice. And it will likely set a crucial direction for his NFL career going forward.

Oh, Snap! Dustin Johnson Just Got Taiwanese Animated!

I’m sure the lawyers, are lawyering: “You can’t prove any of that!”


The Dream of A 5-11 Division Winner is Alive and Well!

As George Costanza once said: “You wanna get nuts? Then…. LET’S GET NUTS!”

Forget the possibility of the NFC South being won by a SIX win dog of a team. I say let’s set the bar UNDERGROUND for sucky division winners at FIVE wins.

Thanks to a convergence of once-in-Haley’s-comet like proportions, the conditions are RIPE for it to happen.

nfc_southHere’s the chart, so you can play along at home!



The Most Dispassionate RG3 Analysis I Can Muster

There are only two choices for the Redskins when it comes to Robert Griffin III.

1. Stay the course
2. Get somebody else

If you decide to get somebody else, then you must ask yourself these two questions.

1. WHEN do you go get somebody else?
2. WHO do you think will be better?

If you endeavor to “get somebody else” then a third element of that decision is a complicated question of: “Is there somebody special in this year’s draft, and are we going to be in position to draft him?”

We saw how expensive it can be when you really want somebody, but are “out of position” to draft him.

Therefore, I am a big proponent of “stay the course.”

I am also not ashamed to say I am a fan of Griffin as a person. I think he’s a disciplined athlete who wants to be great, and puts in the hours trying to get there. I think he can be a good leader, if supported by his organization. I think there’s enough raw material in him to be a Pro Bowl caliber player.

That said…. I understand the anti-RG3 voices.

Griffin is far from where everyone would have hoped at this point in his career. In fact, he may be more damaged goods, than finished product. He holds the ball too long. He mashes the “X button” for “escape” too frequently, and may not realize that button is no longer functional. He can often seem blind to recognizing open receivers in a timely fashion.

He tweets a whole bucket of self-indulgent nonsense.

There will be a decision coming up for the Redskins in May. If the team picks up his 5th year option on his rookie contract, it’ll be EXPENSIVE. Something like $16-18 million for that one season alone, guaranteed for injury.

If they decide to NOT pick up that option, then Griffin enters next year as a resounding lame duck QB. You could gently convince RG3 to “prove it” in 2015 for the new deal. But it would be a heads you win, tails you lose situation.

If Griffin plays well, and the team starts winning in 2015, then you would have to pay him a new contract, or hit him with the franchise tag for 2016.

The franchise tag for QB’s? About $16-18M. 

The effective public dynamic of not picking up that option next May, would be a resounding vote of “no-confidence” in Griffin’s ability to be an above replacement caliber starter. It would play very poorly in this town and in this organization, which seems to breed controversy at QB like mold in a co-ed’s dorm fridge.

There are some who would like to cut the cord on Griffin after this season, unless he starts lighting it up – and quickly. They say the original exorbitant cost of acquisition (3 high first rounders, plus a second) should not factor into any decision. It’s a “sunk cost” some say, so just let it go.

I do not agree.

I think barring another crushing, mobility impacting injury between now and May, you need to pick up that 5th year option, despite the steep price. If you spent $11.25 million on Brian Orakpo for 7 games, a torn pectoral muscle, and exactly half of a sack – then shit, one more year of a possible starting QB would be an easy check to write.

I present the following chart of numbers, so we can compare “apples to apples” so to speak on QB’s of similar style and age. Draw your own conclusions, and use the chart as ammo for your arguments, either for or against.

Just make a note of that “Team Win %” number for each team, and ask yourself: “Hmmm… maybe there’s more to this franchise’s suckitude, than just the QB?”

QB compare






Fletch: Do you have any caviar?
Waiter: Si señor, Beluga, but it is 80 dollars a portion.
Fletch: Well, then I better just take two portions of that.

– “Fletch” (1985)

the GIF

“The Sweet Science….”