Look At the Big Ones On Ol’ Kirk!

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What a great feel-good moment, a thank-god-that-didn’t-turn-out-badly ending to the Philly game on Sunday. For a chance WE stuck the dagger in the back of our opponent and walked off victorious.

And when I say “we” .. I do it JUST to piss off my former co-host Andy Pollin who absolutely HATES it when fans like me go all “we, we, we… all the way home.”

Andy was actually in attendance (he makes one pilgrimage a year, like me going to church) and has a detailed stadium report. We discuss the Eagles not using the name “Redskins”, and how we actually got to a stadium with knocked out sections of seats that can’t be sold, and more seats that are covered in tarps.

Oh all that, and I drop a few f-bombs (sorry) and make sure to blast Steve Spurrier for his after-the-fact whining about “not being able to pick the roster” when he was head BALLcoach here.

Hey, Coach 2-Iron: you weren’t any good at PICKING the players either. You had Chris Doering (another ex-Gator, shock!) on the team! But hey, the money was good, and you went right back to college.

All that can be yours kids, for just :30 minutes of semi-divided audio-attention. Enjoy!

The Georgia Bulldogs Are Still The Biggest Frauds In The Nation

And I should have known better. I actually picked them this week, thinking that Alabama’s decline from dominance to mere excellence was going to continue in a linear fashion. In short, I thought it was Mark Richt’s time.

Shame on me.

Once again these clowns in Athens, are just like their mascot. Look tough, but require an an air conditioned doghouse with a pillow once the weather gets above 70.

But of course, what did we see before the game? A “tough guy bounce-around” between Georgia players and the Tide. Now I’m not here to say who started it, but I’ve seen this move before from Richt’s team, who once gang-rushed the field after a touchdown back in 2007 vs. Florida.

So yeah, watching the Bulldogs get turned inside out like dirty wet socks, was exquisite.

Some other thoughts from the weekend…

Ohio State and Michigan State both escaped close calls. I know we like to run through team schedules and just fill out the wins like it’s your doctor’s checklist of symptoms (no, no, no, no…) but the college football world is still very flat. Bad weeks, let downs, and teams that are better than they look lie in wait. I think BOTH teams lose at least once this year, because neither one is that good.

Jordan Fuchs is a very good tight end for the Hoosiers. Aaaaandd.. the team needs a better font. Just sayin’…

Good to have Florida back among the relevant. Oh, and looks like there’s life after the Crableg Kid at Florida State.

Clearly, Texas is an unmitigated disaster. But I’ve yet to hear exactly what the program is doing wrong, and what specifically is Charlie Strong’s shortcoming as a coach. Nice when your own players are re-tweeting transfer suggestions from fans – at halftime of a 50-7 thrashing!

Baylor vs. Texas Tech was an O/U of 88.5 on Friday. Final: 63-35. Not even close.

Clemson and Utah are dark horses, moving up quickly on the outside pole. This is what makes a mere 4-team race so much fun.

I watched Maryland try to hang in against the Fightin’ Harbaugh’s of Ann Arbor. I don’t know how Terp fans do it. It didn’t even look like 1A football. Michigan has now shut out back-to-back opponents.

Virginia Tech was held to just 100 yards of total offense in a 17-13 loss to Pitt. I know Frank Beamer is a legend down there… but…. it’s getting bad.

Notre Dame threw that game away against Clemson about 6 different ways. It helped that the Tigers basically stopped playing at the end, practically asking the refs “can we just go home now?”

Dabo Swinney is a classic. Too bad ESPN “pulled a Heidi” and cut away from his post-victory hype-promo mid-stream. Good work, Bristol.

And finally, since ESPN seems to like to hide their awesome highlight montages, or just not post them at all, then I’m gonna grab ’em and post-em until they call YouTube to complain. (Please don’t! These are fantastic, and need to enjoyed by all!)

This Is What Winning Looks Like

Justin Tucker got this chance for the Ravens last night. Because he’s good, the Ravens have trusted him in many big spots, and he flat out WHOMPS the football with that leg-cannon of his.

Josh Scobee was told to go sit his ass down, because he had missed two already last night, and nobody on a football team really likes a kicker even when they are good, and they hate his fucking guts when he’s missing.

I’m sure it felt kinda good in the moment if you were Mike Tomlin and the Steelers. But it was probably a bad tactical choice. A 51-yarder to that end of Heinz Field is no gimme, but Scobee’s previous two strikes were solid, they just drifted more in the wind than he thought, and missed the mark by a few feet.

In other words, it’s not like he was incapable of kicking the ball that far, something that sealed Norv Turner’s fate as Redskins coach. (Finally!) Andy Pollin remembers the moment….

December 3, 2000, FedEx Field – Giants 9 – Redskins 7 – This one came down to a field goal attempt in the final minute of the game, which was the last defiant act of coach Norv Turner. Setting up for a 49-yarder, holder Tommy Barnhardt called timeout to tell Turner that the Redskins 44 year old kicker, Eddie Murray, couldn’t kick it 49 yards. Turner said, “Kick it anyway.” Murray kicked it and it came up short.

The time to fire you kicker is the next day. The time to use your kicker to win the game, is when the game is sitting there to be won. I mean, it’s not like Michael Vick was marching the Steelers up and down the field. The likelihood of scoring a TD and not a FG to win was minimal.

In short, you were gonna have to trust Scobee one more time, most likely.

Or, you can trust Michael Vick to throw a bunny soft 2-yard out to wide open Antonio Brown to keep the chains moving on 4th and 1. Oops. Never mind.

So Scobee is likely gone, and I am not here to say he shouldn’t be sent packing. But just like Glenn Frey didn’t kick Don Felder’s ass right then and there on that stage when the Eagles broke up, the Steelers shouldn’t have effectively fired their kicker in overtime last night. They could have used him.

The “Lonesome Kicker” song from Adam Sandler looks especially prescient now, since Andre Kristacovitchlalinski, Jr. did indeed play for the Steelers.

And yes… “they’re going for two..”


The Legend of “Ogie Oglethorpe” and the Time He Nearly Sawed Off Bob Costas’ Head


I like Bob Costas, for the most part. So this would have sucked if ol’ “Goldie” had followed through and “gone ISIS” on ol’ Shrimpy McBob.

Now… are there some CURRENT TV sports personalities whom I wouldn’t be overly devastated at getting this treatment or worse today?

Um…. “no comment.”

Dexter Manley Once Played Special Teams… As a Gunner on Punt Coverage!

Yes, you read that right. Just let it soak in.

That was one of the many “larger than life” and “too strange to be true” nuggets in the Dexter Manley “A Football Life” episode on NFL Network last Friday night.

This week on the SRBFTDP (Aren’t long, stupid acronyms, the worst?!) Andy Pollin and I discuss the Redskins loss to the Giants, Kirk Cousins the INT Machine, Robert possibly moving back into the #2 spot, and of course the Dexter special and the Harper v. Papelbon debacle.

Just sit back and enjoy, this will all be over in less than 28 minutes.



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