Augusta’s 13th Hole – Greatest In… THE WORLD?

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I would vote YES. And it wouldn’t even require much debate. If you doubt this, watch this excellent piece by the Golf Channel on why this hole is both an aesthetic and strategic masterpiece.

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2 thoughts on “Augusta’s 13th Hole – Greatest In… THE WORLD?

  1. Matt Lowry

    The 13th is also the best single place to stand for a spectator in Augusta or any course in my experience. You can hunker down at the apex of the dogleg right where most drives will land. It’s tough to see all the way back to the tee box to know exactly which golfer is hitting, but you can tell when their drive land. I favorite part is being so close to the golfers that sometimes you can hear them debating if they should go for it, how to go for it and watch their reaction to the result of their 2nd shot. You are also close to the 11th, 12th, 14th & $2 beers from a concession stand that is right there, but you will never see it on TV.


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